Please go to the „Clearingstelle“ first

We ask you to go to the „Clearingstelle for people without health insurance“ first. The Clearingstelle of the Berlin Stadtmission exists since 2019. There people from Berlin without health insurance are given advice first. The goal is to clarify whether there is any way to get health insurance. Appointments with doctors can be arranged and costs for medical treatments can be covered if you live at least six months in Germany. The staff is subject to confidentiality. No data will be transferred to any authorities.

Clearingstelle for people without health insurance
Zinzendorfstraße 18 / Eingang Levetzowstraße, 10555 Berlin
Website Clearingstelle (engl.)
Download Flyer with contact und opening hours

The Clearingstelle may cover costs for medical treatment if:

– The person lives in Berlin.
– The person has lived in Germany for at least six months.
– There is no will to leave the country.
– There is no other coverage in case of illness and the costs cannot be paid by the person him/herself.

If you don’t get medical treatment through the Clearingstelle, you are welcome to contact us during our office hours and we will try to support you.

On site:
Monday: 15:30-18:00

Gneisenaustraße 2a
Mehringhof, Aufgang 3, 2nd floor
10961 Berlin-Kreuzberg
Subway: U-Mehringdamm U6/U7

Monday 15:30-18:00
Tel.: 030 / 6 94 67 46

Urgent cases:

Corona virus – Current Note

If you have had contact with a person infected with the Corona virus and have flu or cold symptoms, do not come to our office, but please contact a general practitioner of your choice by telephone for clarification or:

+ Health department Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg: 030 902 98 8368 or 030 902 98 8328 from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
+ Berlin hotline 030 90 28 28 28, daily 8:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.
+ Emergency medical service: 116117
+ Independent patient advice service Germany: 0800 011 77 22
+ Federal Ministry of Health (citizens‘ phone): 030 346 465 100

The Flüchtlingrat Berlin e.V. gives an overview of information offers for refugees.

The handbook germany provides daily updated information about Corona virus in English and other languages.

More information in different languages…

Information about Medibüro

Who we are

Medibüro Berlin – network for the right to health care for all migrants –  exists since 1996 as a self-organized, non-governmental and donation-financed project. As an anti-racist initiative, we have been pursuing the goal of improving the health care of illegalized refugees and migrants in a political and pragmatic way.

What we do

We support migrants without health insurance which could not get help at the Clearingstelle of the Stadtmission (see above).

During our office hours and by telephone we arrange appointments with doctors and therapists who will treat you anonymously and free of charge. We do not offer medical treatment during our office hours. We try to finance the costs of medication, orthopedic aids, X-ray examinations or laboratory tests from donations.

Since the opening of the Clearingstelle, we have been trying to support migrants if no satisfactory solution has been found there. As before the opening we then refer to our network of around 130 cooperating doctors and therapists.

We are still campaigning to ensure access to health services via the Clearingstelle for migrants without health insurance in Berlin. Furthermore we continue to work to ensure that everyone in Germany has access to medical care.

Flyer „Medibüro Berlin“ in English, 2021 (pdf)

More places to go…

There are several organisations and projects that offer information and support: Overview for Berlin